We are here to drive change in the region

Conceptualised in 2013, Mangosteen began with a mission to help address the sustainability of organisations that do important work around the region but rely on donations or grants to sustain or kick-start their work. At Mangosteen, we understand that one of the core challenges that impact-driven organisations face is the lack of funding and resources to scale their work. We want to help solve this challenge by supporting organisations that do work that needs to be scaled and amplified across the region. 

Empowering people with the power of choice

Our mission is to create amazing products and services that highlights the best of our region so that you will choose us. When you choose to purchase a product from Mangosteen, we pledge 100% of our profits to organisations that empower women and children in Southeast Asia so that they can continue to change lives and uplift communities in this region.


Why Women & Children?

“If we care about the health and well-being of children today and into the future, we must work now to ensure that women and girls have equal opportunities to be educated, to participate in government, to achieve economic self-sufficiency and to be protected from violence and discrimination.” 

Ann M. Veneman UNICEF Executive Director 

At Mangosteen, we believe that gender equality is the key to strong societies. When women are empowered with knowledge, education, and opportunities, they are able to lift entire communities along with them.  Women’s ability to control their own lives and make decisions that affect their families is closely linked to the well-being of children - from nutrition, health and education. In families where women are key decision-makers, the proportion of resources devoted to children is far greater than those in which women have a less decisive role.


Our Approach

We aim to support and fund organisations that empower women and children through:

  1. Education, Upskilling and Training

  2. Entrepreneurship and Micro-Financing 

  3. Physical and Mental Health Care

  4. Advocacy and Community Building

To date, we have donated more than RM130,000 to Dignity for Children, a school for refugee and marginalised children in Sentul. We have also sponsored women leadership events such as Lean In 2018 and Women In Rail Malaysia Leadership Conference.

In 2020, we want to expand our network of partner organisations across the region to impact more lives. If you are an organisation that is working on empowering women and children, please reach out to us at [email protected]