Introducing Mangosteen’s range of signature products, developed to introduce to the world the fresh and unique scents and fragrances of Southeast Asia that derive from the amazing diversity of flowers, fruits and herbs that flourish in this lush and verdant part of the world. The flowers, fruits and herbs that are used in Mangosteen’s range of personal care products are either indigenous to the rain forests of this region or natives of another but that thrive in this hot tropical land.


At the centre of this region is Malaysia, home to some of the oldest rain forests in the world and the rarest plant and animal life on the planet. Its ethnic diversity has resulted in a rich culture and a multi cultural cuisine of incredible aromas and flavours based on freshly available local ingredients. It is also where the exquisite fruit, mangosteen is found. With its thick deep purple skin that opens up to pure white segments of sweet tangy subtly scented fruit, it is locally regarded as the queen of fruits.

Underlying the whole project is the desire to build a business that would be able to help sustain several charities that work with women and children in the developing world. The profits from the business will be distributed to these charities or re-invested in growing the business.